SEO Strategy & Audits

Saving the world, one international SEO strategy at a time!

Make sure you get your SEO foundations right

SEO isn’t something you want to do without a plan. Before getting started, I always recommend doing an audit to see where your SEO efforts are currently at.

Data doesn’t lie, so by taking a look at what you’re doing and where your competitors are, I can shape a strategy that builds on the amazing groundwork you’ve already done that helps you get to where you need to be.

My audits include:
• Detailed site analysis
• Current keyword rankings and opportunities
• A deep dive into your analytics data
• Backlink audit
• Competitor analysis
• Technical health
• UX issues
• Multilingual SEO and language quality audit


Every company has their own SEO goals, so no two strategies are the same. Building on what we discovered during your audit, I’ll put together a plan that’ll help you reach your goals, both locally and internationally.

Ready to get started on your audit and strategy?