SEO for Small Businesses

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SEO Support for Small Businesses

It’s tough being a small business. Having run a start-up myself, I know it’s difficult to juggle everything yourself while trying to compete with larger companies with much bigger marketing budgets. You need an online presence, but you can’t justify thousands a month to pay a reputable agency to help you. If this sounds like you, don’t worry, I’m here to help!

Rather than paying for an agency to do your SEO for you, why not learn to do SEO yourself? I love teaching (which is why you can find me teaching SEO to Master’s students at the Univeristy of Strasboug), and there’s nothing more rewarding than empowering small business owners to take control of their SEO. Over my 6 week course, you’ll learn everything you need to manage your own SEO and get your website ranking. Just think – for a small investment of €200 per lesson/€1200 in total, you’ll never have to pay anyone to do your SEO ever again! Plus you get an in-depth PDF guide book and check-list for each session, so you really do get all the SEO skills you need for life.

SESSION 1 – Analytics, Keyword Research & Keyword Mapping

Learn to set up and read analytics so you know exactly what’s going on with your site. After that, we’ll cover keyword research so you know what makes good keywords, and start working on your own keyword map for your website.

SESSION 2 – Setting up your Website Plugins and SEO Overhaul

Make sure you have all the website plugins you need for SEO. Then, we’ll learn how to do an SEO overhaul on your existing pages so that they’re optimized based on your keyword map from session 1.

SESSION 3 – Content Plans and How to Write Great SEO Content

Now your website is optimized, it’s time to create new content! We’ll be learning about content plans and how to write SEO content in this session so that your website meets Google’s on-page optimization criteria

SESSION 4 – Link Building and Off-Page SEO

There’s more to SEO than just content. We’ll cover link building and other off-page SEO techniques that can be easily done to boost your rankings.

SESSION 5 – Technical SEO and Site Health

Another important part of SEO is keeping your website healthy. This session, we’ll be discovering site health for beginners and what you need to do to keep your site healthy.

SESSION 6 – SEO Software, Measuring Success, Q&A

It’s all well and good SEOing your website, but you need to track your success! Here we’ll be covering SEO software, how to use SEMRush, how to measure your success, and also be covering Q&A.

Ready to manage your own SEO?

Get me to manage your SEO

If you don’t have time to manage your SEO yourself, don’t worry! I can do it for you! As no two SEO plans are the same, get in touch and we can talk about your SEO goals. Plus, as you’ll be paying little old me, I’ll be much cheaper than an agency!