Neurodivergents in SEO

We’ve got some exciting news to share! Inspired by the amazing Areej AbuAli and her brilliant keynote at BrightonSEO (April 2023), myself and Jack Chambers-Ward have decided to create a group for SEOs who are or identify as neurodivergent.

Being neurodivergent ourselves, Areej’s keynote left us both feeling inspired. Having worked in SEO for a long time, we both know just how challenging it is navigating a corporate world that’s not designed for us, especially when lack of inclusivity comes into play. Support, however, can make a massive difference and by being able to connect with SEOs who see the world like we do, we’ve been able to find a support network that’s like no other. And we’d love for every single SEO out there to have access to the same – friends, personal development that’s designed for us, and most importantly support when we’re having a bit of a tough time.

So – this is how our idea for Neurodivergents in SEO was born!

How does it work?

We’ll be honest – we’re launching something very MVPesque, but that means there’s plenty of room for improvement and growth!

Most importantly it’s free to join. The only requirement is that you must be neurodivergent or identify as neurodivergent and you abide by our values.

We’ll have our own dedicated Slack Channel for networking. We’re also on twitter and have a LinkedIn group!

Based on our early members’ input, we’ll start putting together member-only events that’ll be held once a month.

And from there? We’ll just have to wait and see!


  • Be respectful
  • Be kind
  • Be judgement-free
  • Don’t be salesy

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