Local & International SEO Consultancy

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Knowing which way to turn when it comes to SEO is sometimes half the battle. And that’s where I can help. As an experienced SEO and digital marketer who’s worked in-house, agency-side, and also as a business owner, I’ve helped companies of all sizes see significant SEO ROI. Now, I’m really passionate about helping people reach their full potential online.

Types of problems I can help you solve:
• Strategy
• Planning
• Technical SEO
• Content strategy and on-page SEO
• Local campaigns not performing as expected
• International SEO not doing as well as at home
• Advising on how to set up an SEO team
• Recruiting international SEO professionals
• Integrating SEO into your digital marketing mix
• SEO software
• Optimizing for international search engines
• Heath-checking your international SEO efforts
• Cultural advice for particular markets

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