Agency Health Checks

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Is your agency really doing what they say they are?

Let’s be honest – there are lots of dodgy SEOs out there, and even some of the most professional-sounding agencies can end up providing a less than perfect service. SEO professionals can sniff out this kind of behaviour, however, it you’re not an SEO expert (which you don’t need to be!), it can be harder to tell if your agency is doing a good job or not.

And that’s where I can help. As an independent consultant, I can take an honest look through the work your agency is doing and let you know if it’s up to scratch or not. I’ll take a look through what they’ve been doing, your results, and see if they’re doing an amazing job, or if there’s anything you can improve.

Check your agency really is doing what they say they’re doing

Make sure they’re not using any black-hat (dodgy/banned) techniques that are harming your rankings

Get an unbiased opinion on how you’re doing, if there’s anything to worry about, and if your on track to meet your business goals

Examples of Issues I’ve Uncovered

• An agency who spent 4+ months watering down backlinks and didn’t actually do anything else, while the client’s rankings were dropping
• Uncovered that an agency had used Google translate for a company’s keywords, which is why they were getting no hits as they had 0 search volume
• An agency who did absolutely no technical optimization on a client’s website despite promises they did
• A company who was trusting an agency to create a content strategy in different markets, when in fact they just translated the English content and didn’t do any strategy at all
• Helping clients understand why the recommendations they were given wouldn’t help their SEO and they needed to do something else

Want to find out if your agency is doing an awesome job?